Additional Concerns


  • Choosing the Shepard Route option will put traffic back on to I-15 - causing major delays, bottlenecks, etc, causing headaches for everyone who lives in, works, or drives through Davis County! The Glover's Lane Option will NOT put traffic back on to I-15.
  • The Shepard Route option leaves no alternate route as traffic is on I-15, Glover's does give a truly alternate route in this area
  • The Oakridge Country Club is severely affected, as are homes in that area
  • There is no part of Hunters Creek/Farmington Pointe that is closer to the new Glovers Route than the Shepard Route. And most of the neighborhoods would be MUCH closer to the Shepard Route, causing all these problems listed here
  • The Shepard Route option divides 3 contiguous neighborhoods of over 300 homes.
  • With over 500 kids in the area, safety is a major concern. In fact, one of the roads that hundreds of kids walk and ride their bike on to get to school will become a major connector road if the Shepard Route is chosen.
  • If the Shepard Route option is chosen getting to Endeavor and other parts of Kaysville will more difficult
  • 10 homes will be taken on the Shepard option vs only 1 on Glovers
  • With the Shepard Route option there is no future growth potential for the road, there is with the Glover's option
  • With a major highway that close, pollution is increased. A study has shown that so are diseases like autism and leukemia
  • With the Shepard Option being so close to so many homes, home values drop precipitously, causing some in the area to have even more difficulty paying their mortgages, and most everyone to have a much lower home value



Ways to Help


voice your opinion

Email UDOT at, and talk with your local elected officials, including Congressman Rob Bishop