• UDOT is proposing to build a new road called the West Davis Corridor, starting from Farmington to north Davis County.  There are two options for this road in Farmington/Kaysville area.  One is called the Shepard Route (which we strongly oppose) and the other is called the Glover’s Route, also called the western alignment (which we strongly support).
  • Choosing the Shepard Route will cause 6-8 additional lanes of traffic to be added on to I-15 for a mile or so, causing chances for BOTTLENECKS to increase dramatically when the lanes go back to normal! In addition, remember the major windstorm we recently had and 10 semis were blown over? If this happens on I-15 there is a problem and no alternate route. If the Shepard Route is chosen anyone who lives, works in, or drives through Davis County WILL BE AFFECTED. If the Glover's Route is chosen this will not be an issue as it will NOT go on I-15.
  • If the Shepard Route is chosen there will be no room for future growth, and the Front Runner line will have to be moved.
  • If the Shepard Route is chosen the highway will take out 10 homes, and will divide 3 contiguous communities of over 300 homes.  Many of these homes will be right next to the highway, which greatly increases the chances of leukemia, pollution, noise, etc.
  • The alternate option that we strongly support is the Glover’s Route, which only takes 1 home, doesn’t divide communities and isn’t very close to homes, doesn’t put traffic back on to I-15, has room for future expansion, WILL COST UTAH TAX PAYERS approximately $35,000,000 million dollars less than the Shepard Route, and is a truly alternate route.

Ways to Help


voice your opinion

Email UDOT at westdavis@utah.gov, and talk with your local elected officials, including Congressman Rob Bishop